Marcello Gandini - Ian Wood

Marcello Gandini

Gandini is the first person I ever knew about in car design, it probably was about my fanatical interest in the Countach as a child. Yes, I had a poster of one on my wall, but not the glitzy 80's version, the original yellow prototype. It's purity attracted me, such a daring form for the age, for even now. After that initial interest, my attention wandered into Bertone, and beyond. Next thing I remember was turning up for my first class in Transport design. OK, so there were a few memories in between... 

There is something about how his work inspired me more so than Guigiaro or Mitchell, or even Earl. There's a variety to his styles, but a common thread of resolving the design in a complete way. There's almost always a trademark feature of the car that is ultimately unforgettable, something that immortalizes the styling. It could be the door window slot on the original Countach (or even the periscope), the eyelashes on the Miura, the asymmetrical hood vents on the Khamsin. Just looking at his 70's concept cars inspires me, so many neat ideas that have kicked off generations of designers.

Knowing the history of his work now, it is an incredible testament to a design who is capable of applying his style to so many diverse projects successfully. On one end lies  the Miura, the other could arguably be the Citroen BX. Very different demands, different decades, but both iconic and very different. Hats off to you sir.

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